Partner Ensemble Foden’s Youth Band

Foden's Youth Band

Youth Band rehearsals take place at Sandbach School
Junior Band rehearsals take place at Lymm High School

When: Saturday Morning Once a month


Rehearsal Dates

24th September 1pm – 5pm Sandbach School, 25th September 10am – 4pm Sandbach School, 16th October 9:45am – 1:15pm, 12th November 5pm Rehearsal and 7:30pm Concert with Foden’s Sandbach School, 20th November 9:45am – 1:15pm, 15th January 9:45am – 1:15pm, 26th March 9:45am – 1:15am, 30th April 9:45am – 1:15pm, 14th May 9:45am – 1:15pm, 11th or 18th June 9:45am – 1:15pm


24th June 7pm Concert LMT Clonter Opera

Category: Brass