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Play It Again / Continuation



The next step, moving forward to learn a particular instrument we call “Play it Again”.  Children who have taken part in a “Wider Opportunities” programme will hopefully want to keep their music going and receive tuition on their favorite instrument.  But don’t worry if you didn’t have “Wider Opportunities” at your school – we want everyone to learn so ask your school to get in touch.

Your school is free to choose whether they want tutors from us, independent tutors or another music service provider.

Schools will have the flexibility to decide who is the appropriate tutor for your child from either Love Music Trust tutors, independent peripatetic music tutors or by another service provider selected by your child’s school.

During the summer term we contact schools to find out which pupils would like to have lessons under the “Play It Again” programme.  Typically these will be 1 tutor to 2 or 3 children but it will of course depend upon how many pupils want to learn what instruments at what schools so we arrange for the most appropriate tutors to teach your child.

In the first instance please ask your school about “Play It Again” opportunities – we are always delighted to hear from schools to sort it all out.

When your child gets close to starting lessons they will probably want to hire an instrument, so visit our instrument hire page to get that underway.  We charge just £5 per month.

We offer generous remission of charges for both "Play It Again" lessons and instrument hire for Cared For Children and those in receipt of means tested free school meals.

CALL US:  01270 766214